José Luis Velázquez

Film maker


Jose Luis was born in Seville in 1968. From young drew comics and his cartoons were really a pattern of storyboards.

His passion for film led him to the creation of short films.

In 1991 he founded Dex Media Productions SL and since then he has made all our videos. His work as a director has crossed borders and has been recognized in festivals in Argentina, USA and Spain.


“I live each project intensively and I really enjoy when I see the impact of an audiovisual in the audience. Each new job is a new challenge to impact and reach people”

Conchita Endrino



She graduated in “Television, Film & New Media Production” with the distinction Cum Laude from San Diego State University. She worked at KUSI television in California..

In 2001 Conchita arrived to Seville where she served in several production companies dedicated to advertising and documentaries.

Since 2003 she directs the production department at Dex Media. Her passions are music videos.


“These are short-term projects in which we must achieve. We need to understand the artists and their music to create a music video that should be not only attractive and meaningful, but also a distinctive of their style”